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SummitReheis has the solutions that help create successful antiperspirants, and we’re constantly bringing next-generation actives to market, with an expert staff and two state-of-the-art US production facilities.


SummitReheis merges the strengths of two longtime industry leaders: Summit Research Labs, Inc. and Reheis, Inc. With over 100 years’ combined experience, we are positioned at the leading edge of antiperspirant innovation.


SummitReheis is your single source for all your antiperspirant active needs. We offer the world’s leading capabilities and highest levels of product quality, reliability, manufacturing capability and capacity, innovation, customer support, technical service, global and local market coverage, and supply disruption risk mitigation.


Reheis commercializes the first Antiperspirant Actives and begins manufacturing in Berkeley Heights, NJ (Chlorhydrol). 


Summit Research Labs, Inc. is formed in Somerset, NJ.

Roll-ons antiperspirants are introduced enabled by Reheis and Summit AP actives and technology.


Development and introduction of the first spray-dried Antiperspirant Actives, Aluminum Chlorohydrate Powders (Micro-Dry).

Aerosol antiperspirants are introduced enabled by Reheis and Summit Powder AP actives and technology.


Development and introduction of Aluminum Zirconium Antiperspirant Actives (Rezal, AZG) by Reheis and Summit.

Sticks and solids begin to emerge as the dominant form in the USA enabled by Reheis and Summit technology. Roll-ons and aerosols continue to grow outside the USA.


Reheis and Summit commercialize the first Enhanced Efficacy Antiperspirant Actives (Reach, AACH, AAZG).

Huguenot, NY plant of Wickhen Products acquired by Dow Corning.


Summit acquires Dow Corning’s manufacturing facility in Huguenot, NY following a $5 million investment in site improvements.

Daily-use consumer markets begin to shift toward enhanced higher-efficacy products.


Reheis establishes Joint Venture manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom with Alembic Limited.

Summit acquires Westwood Chemical assets and manufacturing facility in Wallkill, NY. Significant capital investment is made to refurbish the plant.

Summit acquires Antiperspirant Actives business of Reheis, Inc. forming SummitReheis.

All manufactured volumes are absorbed into the Huguenot and Wallkill facilities.

SummitReheis becomes the clear Global Market Leader for AP Actives representing the aggregation of knowledge, expertise, innovation, and skill of every significant North American industry predecessor.

SummitReheis enhanced efficacy technology enables the introduction of Clinical Strength Antiperspirants.


2011 - SummitReheis expands capacity and consolidates Antiperspirant Active manufacturing operations into the Huguenot facility.

2013 - One Rock Capital Partners acquires SummitReheis and begins implementing capital investment plan for capacity expansion and modernization.

2014 - SummitReheis restarts the Wallkill facility following significant capital investment with the capability to be a fully redundant backup to Huguenot.